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Snookered - S. Blaise This short story only reached the 'ok' mark for me. It wasn't that it was a bad story, in fact the plot had a lot going for it.I liked that the two men, Neil and Paul, both had their secrets and managed to surprise each other and there was some fun banter. However I never really warmed to either character but maybe this was somewhat due to the length of the story. I found the story a bit hard to buy when Neil, supposed three times world Champion Snooker Champion had trouble playing pool. I would have expected someone with this level of skill would be able to play pool really well regardless of the table size and felt quality. I'd like to think that someone like Eddie Charlton would have managed a pool table!I did like that the two men - one American and one English - used "ass" and "arse" in their conversation - great attention to detail!