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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Someone Like You - L.M. Brown Todd is at university and his parents have high hopes for his future. They accept that he is gay but are not keen on his relationship with Deacon. "Making your mark in the world will be hard enough for you as it is, without someone like him holding you back."Deacon is working in a garage, learning to be a mechanic. His background includes a drunken father who definitely doesn't accept his sexuality.The story starts with Todd preparing to head home for Christmas, very worried because he hadn't heard from his boyfriend for 3 months (this did seem a bit odd to me and I couldn't quite grasp why Deacon didn't at least call Todd or why Todd didn't try to find him harder during that period).Todd wants Deacon back, Todd's family want to keep them apart, Deacon doesn't feel good enough. Thank goodness for other friends who give good advice. "Deacon, when are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours the most important thing in this life is holding onto love when you find it?"I found this story pleasant but it was missing any real spark but it's only a quick story so a nice way to spend half an hour. 2.5 stars