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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Heart in Hand - salifiable I absolutely loved this book (and it is free)! Engrossing from beginning to end. The story features 2 NHL players from opposing teams and the relationship that develops between them. The story does contain detail of the game of hockey, specific players/teams and the mechanics of the competition which went straight over my head (I blame being Australian for my complete lack of understanding of the game) but this did NOT impact my enjoyment of the story at all.The characters, Darryl and Alex, were well written. I particularly loved Alex, the choices he made and they way he handled himself throughout a difficult situation.The ending was everything I love, the full tear-jerking romantic gesture. This is going on my favourites shelf for the ending alone.Note: I found some reviews I read a bit confusing due to the character names used. This is because the story started as a fanfic based on real-life people and was rewritten as original fiction. This updated version in the one I read (I didn't know any of the real-life names anyway)