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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Sometimes It's Fate (Canada's Finest, #1) - Angela S. Stone This is a nicely written story about friends to lovers. David, divorced with 3 children, and Jason, his police partner, realise that they have feelings for each other. The story centres around David, who is not gay, acknowledging his growing feelings for Jason. There are some family dramas, issues with David's ex-wife, problems with one of Jason's buddies and a bit of police action. The sex scenes are well written. Some of the scenes did not seem entirely required for the plot such as the undercover drug operation and some things were mentioned but not further addressed such as Jason offering to be one of the RCMP sent to Afghanistan for a year. It is not until you read the second book that you realise why this is mentioned. but on the whole this is not too distracting.3 to 3.5 stars