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Contact Sport - Anna Butler This story had potential but just didn't quite get there. This is the story of Jamie, sports star and all-round person extraordinaire (at least according to himself!) whose hockey team faces off with an unknown team from the 'geeks' college, Blaine Strategic Institute.The story starts with lots of humour as we learn how great Jamie is - star of the hockey team, great student and popular with the girls and guys. Jamie then starts whinging about the upcoming game against the 'nerds'. "They're nerds. Nerds don't do sports." It's quite hysterical how he stereotypes them but at the same time he is spouting off mathematical knowledge that obviously indicates that he knows his stuff too!As per the blurb, Jamie is put off his game by his wild attraction to the captain of the 'geek' team "Maybe love at first sight wasn't a myth after all." and in his mind calls him "The Pretty One" which was quite endearing.From here the book lost its way a bit - a quick 5 minute hook up in the supply closet and exchange of names and it was the end. There were some plot elements that weren't fully explored such as Matt Blaine (The Pretty One) being the son of the founder of the 'geeks' college and Jamie and his friend applying for jobs at Blaine Enterprises. Setting up for a sequel or full length story maybe otherwise there didn't seem much significance to me.2.5 stars