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Self Preservation - Ethan Day Funny and fabulous!Davis has been apart from Jack, the love of his life, for 6 years. He thought they were destined to be together, that true love would win in the end but then receives a phone call from Jack inviting him to attend his wedding! Davis sets off with best friend Deseree to win his man back!"And you'll come with me to Chigago?" he asked."You breaking out of your shell and laying claim to your man?" Deseree asked, smiling at the thought. "Like I'd miss watching you going all My Best Friend's Wedding on Jack's ass"What follows is a funny and touching story as Davis and Deseree head to Chicago. The characters include Jack's gorgeous and outspoken mother Candace and Alex, a handsome British guy who steps in to assist Davis with his break-up plans.There are a couple of flashbacks allowing us to see how Jack and Davis first met, their first sexual encounter and also their most recent meeting a year before. This integrated with the story well and provided a nice view of how Davis and Jack's relationship was.The only negative points I have about this story are minor and are spoilerish. Tadd, Jack's new fiance, had no depth. I guess he was portrayed that way so that the reader would find him shallow and hope Jack would see through him and break up. However, with the events at the end, I was disappointed that I didn't like Tadd more as I wanted Jack to be happy. I also struggled to accept that Jack totally loved Tadd due to Jack's obvious reaction to Davis, how he spoke to him and touched him. Anyway, enough of my ramblings....."The ending was lovely, not over the top, just a slow romance building between Davis and Alex.