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Love Comes in Darkness - Andrew  Grey Andrew Grey has done it again, providing another beautiful story about facing the challenges in life and finding happiness.Howard was born blind and his independence is extremely important to him. Early in the book he is thrown into a terrifying situation, being abandoned on the side of a highway by a boyfriend with a point to prove. By abandoning him, Cedric is trying to show Howard how much he needs help. Howard manages to contact his friends (Ken and Patrick from book 1 book:[Love Comes Silently|15998792]) but before they arrive, Gordy arrives on the scene and stays with Howard until his friends arrive. This is the start of a relationship between Howard and Gordy.I liked the way Gordy was so accepting of a Howard's situation, giving him support and freedom at the same time. He trusted that Howard was capable of taking care of himself while acknowledging the practicalities of not having sight.While still establishing their relationship, things are thrown into chaos when Howard's sister dies. Howard needs to deal with her death and arrange the funeral, but most importantly make some life changing decisions regarding his niece. Howard also reacts badly to Gordy's actions when all Gordy is doing is providing the love and support as any boyfriend would do when a partner is going through a family trauma.Love, heartache, friendship and a lovely happy ending!"....Living with a blind person isn't easy, and one with a child, no less. I hope you know that."Gordy held him tighter and then rolled them on the bed. "I know exactly what I am getting myself in for: a lifetime of love. That's all I need; the rest isn't important."I now publish all my m/m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m/m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One!