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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Frozen Hearts

Frozen Hearts - Teegan Loy I really enjoyed this story. 4 stars.Although the plot may not have been that original (son forced to change schools and deny his feelings after father finds out he kissed a boy), it hit all the right buttons.There are wonderful main characters. Erik, who is finally making a stand against his father, "You know Dad, if he wanted me back, I would crawl naked across shattered glass to get to him." and Tyce, who gives him a second chance.Great secondary characters in the interfering (for all the right reasons) sister and supportive best friend.Cute romantic gestures that add a touch of sweetness to the story such as Keeping each other's numbers inside their skates and the special messages Erik and Tyce share. "I shook my head and stared at my phone for a few minutes before I punched in the four simple words. Alone they didn't mean much, but when I put them all together, they meant more to me than anything in the entire world. Always have, always will."Emotional drama and dramatic events.A happy ending "If you'd open your eyes you could see how much they love each other and no matter what you think, loving someone can't be wrong."