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Fettered - Lyn Gala I found this story engrossing, getting to know Dilly and following him on his journey of self-discovery. While he deals with his traumatic family issues, he has the good fortune of being taken under the wing of Miss Dolphinia who plays matchmaker. I loved Vin, who with all his dominance, shows his true ability to love and protect where Dylan is concerned."You're a fool for not seeing that, but it's Miss Dolphinia who's playing with fire because she keeps trying to get me to fall in love again. But I don't do love, Dylan. I do obsession. I get possessive."This book was an interesting blend of the BDSM world and the development of the relationship between Dylan and Vin combined with the storyline of the ramifications of Dylan's brother's actions. Dealing with a topic of rape is never easy and I thought the impact on others (the rapist's parents, siblings and victim) was well handled.I have read some rave reviews of this book and while I agree that there are some aspects of greatness to the story, I am not amongst those giving this a five star rating. My reason for this is I found the last 25% a slight let down. While I liked the resolution of the story, I couldn't shake the feeling that Vin's character had changed without fully understanding why. He showed a fierce protectiveness of Dylan and there were some dominant sex scenes, however he didn't appear to be the same man as introduced at the beginning of the book. Maybe this is because he was supposed to have changed and grown with Dylan's influence? It was a definite plus that the dominant love interest wasn't a rich, older man!