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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Vanilla Boy (Club Floggers, #1) - H.C. Brown I've decided to review all the books in the Club Floggers series as a series rather than writing an individual review for each book. My reason for this is that I had similar feelings toward each story and they basically rated the same - 3 stars across the series. They are a collection of short stories, some a bit longer than others, with overlapping characters and set in the same club. I was confused a little by the Goodreads list of the books in the series and from the best I can work out, the order should be:#1 Vanilla Boy - 80 pages#2 A Dom's Revenge - 22 pages#3 Curious - 50 pages#4 Beg - 31 pages#5 Wanted: Two Doms - 23 pages#6 Aiden's Training - 30 pages#7 Two Dom's: One Pup -