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His Dirty Little Secret (Sammy & Friends, #3) - Stormy Glenn I actually quite enjoyed this story for a quick, light read however found a few elements of the story didn't sit right 1. Keeping Darren a secret because the mum (who is married to a white guy) doesn't want Graham having a white partner? With the explanation provided it still seems a weak reason. 2. Darren marrying Erin, adopting the kids and moving into a mansion in that timeframe is so unrealistic. 3. Darren, a nurse, is suddenly telling all the people at the safe house what to do to escape the bad guys and where they are going and Graham and other cops just follow along? 4. When they return to the mansion Erin's whole security team are answering to Darren like he's he big boss but he's only been there a month 5. If Darren and the kids have all this security, why were they able to be picked up by the cops/Jamie and have Darren handcuffed and taken to the (not so) safe house, without the security team knowing? .....anyway, still quite a fun read!