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Blacque/Bleu - Belinda McBride I haven't read many paranormal romances, particularly those between different types of paranormals and was pleasantly surprised to find I liked this story.The author provides enough background information to give the characters and story depth. The information provided about the werewolf world and its traditions highlighted the sacrifices that Blacque was making for his pack. The story of how Bleu was turned was heartbreaking. The main characteres definitely had a spark, both physically and emotionally.The plot was interesting with a good blend of romance and action. Plus I always love an ending that includes public declarations of love!I wasn't too keen on the inclusion of information about the other types of paranormals who inhabited the town (which reminded me of Storybrooke from the TV Once Upon a Time as it was difficult to leave) as I didn't feel this added any real value to the story.Favourite line...."He lay gazing at the other man's knees, wondering how God had managed to make such a mundane body part so completely beautiful on this man."All in all, an enjoyable read.