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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Artistic Appeal (Bottled Up, #6)
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Cherrypicker (Blue Line Hockey, #7) - Stephani Hecht Another good story in the series (it's amazing how many gay hockey players there are in these teams!) with a focus on a serious subject. Every aspect of Derry's life is controlled by his brother and his brother has a terrible reputation.Derry's brother is captain of the Cougars, one of the roughest and least accepting teams. Derry is very afraid that his brother will discover he is gay. Derry joins the Hawks, the Cougars biggest rivals and also the team his crush, Fallon, plays for. The story focuses on Derry's relationship with Fallon and the challenge of Derry playing in games versus the Cougars and facing his brother's wrath on the ice.As per some of the earlier books, the story felt a little short and it would have been nice to see a longer book with a more deeper look at the characters. On a side note, the books are all quite short, only about 70-80 pages long, with prices varying from AU$4 to AU$5 per book. I read them all in one day, back-to-back, and am not sure I felt I got good value for my money. Yes, I liked the series but adding the total cost of 8 books makes it relatively expensive (or maybe I am just a scrooge!)