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Enlightened (Little Boy Lost, #1) - J.P. Barnaby From the opening line, "My name is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I am going to hell." and launch straight into the pastor's sermon, I knew this wouldn't be an easy book.It is the story, told by 16 year old Brian, of his developing sexuality - his realisation that his feelings for his best friend Jamie, extend beyond simple friendship. These feelings aren't only sexual though, Brian and Jamie share a deep love for one another.Living in a small town, Jamie's parents are deeply religious and Brian is a foster child, worried about losing the only home he has felt wanted in since losing his parents as a young boy. The boys try come to terms with being gay while trying to hide their feelings for each other from other people. They live in fear of repercussions. The story tells of their pain and is really moving."My question is, if god hates gay people and God made us, why would He make people He hated? I thought God was supposed to love everybody? Is it a test? Why me? Why you?"............."I'm scared, Jamie".Brian's foster mother Carolyn has a different view "Being gay,no matter what any of the small-minded people around here have to say, is nothing to be ashamed of. That's the way that God made you, and I doubt that He's ashamed of you." Warning: there is no happy ending in this book, instead there is a tragic parting for Brian and Jamie. The epilogue also hints at the pain that Brian is going to face as the town now knows his secret. The ending is certainly motivation to get straight into the next book. Hopefully, with so many books in the series, Brian and Jamie will eventually get their happy ever after.