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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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The Charlie Factor - Diana DeRicci This has a strong hurt and comfort theme. Gregory meets and befriends Charlie, a man terribly hurt, both physically and emotionally.Gregory finds himself with feelings towards Charlie that he has never felt before. "It's like something that was missing has finally clicked, but I never knew it was missing to begin with because I've never been in this situation." He has always considered himself straight. It takes one of his friends to give him the push needed to explore these feelings."Maybe the package happiness comes in wouldn't be such a controversy if more people honestly cherished the happiness to begin with."Charlie also has to battle his demons, to work out a way to put the past behind him so that he can move on.I enjoyed the way both characters were portrayed, their vulnerability and the struggles they faced.Favourite line is from Charlie's sister: "It's time you acted like the man that dick you were born with proves you to be."4.5 stars