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Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling It is really hard to review this book as it is difficult to put into words the impression it made. I loved it, I hated it, I didn't want to read it, I couldn't put it down.From the very beginning, this story triggered a very emotional response. I was drawn to both Liam and Jacen. I could feel their pain and desperate need for each other. Told in present tense, the story expressed their fears and desires, both men trying to move beyond tragic pasts to make new lives but struggling to do so. For most of the book I found myself waiting for something bad to happen, hoping it wouldn't but knowing something was just around the corner. The author did not make this a comfortable read. "Their happiness - his and Jacen's - is not destined to last. Fate is waiting, with fangs and teeth, crouched and ready. They both sense it on some level, hidden in their hearts."Jacen is everything to Liam. "Jacen just is. He's the biggest, most constant part of Liam's life. Without Jacen, everything is hollow and ugly. Without Jacen, there is no reason to do anything, to try or strive or hope."Liam is everything to Jacen. "I have news for you, Lee, I'm not going anywhere. If it takes ten years I'll still be right beside you, waiting for you, and cherishing every second I have with you and every kiss you give me and every time you make love to me."Thank goodness there is a happy ending as I don't think my heart could have taken any more pain.4.5 stars