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Liam - Toni Griffin I don't read a lot of paranormal/shifter romances but felt like a change so picked The Atherton Pack series. My choice was also impacted by my interest in the Australian setting.I enjoyed the story which was about Declan running from trouble after witnessing a murder. Declan is running for his life but also fearful as he has left his younger brother behind and is afraid of repercussions. As fate would have it, Declan turns up on the doorstep of his mate. He is destined to be with Liam, beta in another pack.Interestingly, I didn't pay much attention to the Australian setting. Apart from recognising names such as Cairns and the Atherton tablelands, and thinking that wolves didn't fit into that environment (which the author acknowledged at one point), the setting was largely irrelevant to the story.The story is slightly predictable but enjoyable, the characters are great and this book provides a nice lead in to the next book.....