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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Love Means... Healing - Andrew  Grey This story, as the title suggests, is about healing. It deals with the subject of grief, telling the story of Len and new love Chris. Len is getting over losing Cliff after 20 years together and worries that he is moving on too quickly. It is a special story as it focuses on love the second time around and love between older couples, with Len and Chris being near 50.The only thing I found strange was the riding lesson that Len was giving Chris. He instructs him to mount the horse from the left hand side as you're facing the horse. "Put your right foot in the stirrup, and swing you left leg over his back". I might not be a country girl but have ridden before and always mounted from the horse's left side, placing left foot in th stirrup first. Maybe we just do things differently in Australia?