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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Home of His Own - T.A. Chase A feel good story about finding family and your place in the world. 3.5 starsTony, a bull-rider disowned by his family, finds love with Brody, a man with his own family issues. Despite living in different states and dealing with family problems, they discover 'home' is with each other.Sometimes the story seems a little strong with its message of acceptance and doing good in the world (the same as in book #1) and perhaps this could have been communicated with a bit more subtlety but it is easy to forgive due to the importance of the message. The coincidence of Tony and Brody having a one-night stand in Hawaii and then Tony getting entangled with Brody's family in Texas also seemed a bit far-fetched but easily overlooked in the scheme of the story.There are some cute lines about cowboys..."Wow. A gay cowboy? So those stereotypes really do exist." "What the hell am I supposed to think? All those tight-assed cowboys rocking their hips like that? It's every gay man's wet dream."