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Better - Jaime Samms This book is an emotional journey into the lives of two young college men. One has been 'broken' by abuse and the other is supporting a brother who was similarly damaged and has resultant mental problems. Although initially attracted, Jesse and Aadon need to work through many issues if they are to be together. The story is full of heartbreak and anger but also the desire to find a way to move on. The subject matter includes abuse, rape and self-harm. There are no easy answers and the author shows both men making mistakes as they navigate through a complex relationship. My only criticism is regarding the dominant side of Aadon which I did not find convincing. Reference is made to him looking for someone to submit and he sees this need in Jesse. He voices some thoughts on control and trust and opinions about how a Dom should act. I didn't see enough in his actions to support this side of his personality.This book is flagged with BDSM as genre but, although some reference is made, there are no real BDSM scenes. The sex is limited. This book is more about dealing with issues and building the trust needed to establish such a relationship.