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Appearing Nightly - Cat Grant This book is the sequel to The First Real Thing. Cameron has bought Icon (a bar) and is running it with Mike who also provides the stage show as Diva Michelle. I don't usually overly enjoy characters in drag but Mike is a wonderful character. The story centres around his relationship with Ryan, a young man with a troubled past. Ryan appeared in the first book, working as a male escort alongside Cameron, but his past is kept from Mike. Ryan is a very different character than he appeared in the first book, clearly impacted by events from that book. He is frightened and not trusting and unsure of his sexuality.The only element of the book I found annoying was when Ryan brought his ex-girlfriend and now friend, Alexa, to Cameron's thanksgiving dinner so she wouldn't be alone. I understand that this was the wrong thing to do as it hurt Mike but Cameron also indicated it was a 'mistake' because it was a party of his gay friends.