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Bound by Danger - S.E. Jakes Quite a complex story involving multiple characters and plot lines. Central to the story is the relationship between Jace, a navy SEAL, and Tomcat/Clint, who is CIA. Tomcat is working undercover with a motorcycle gang in which Jace's cousin is involved. Jace is roped in my the FBI to provide intel on the gang.I found it a bit confusing to follow some of the reasoning for the FBI involvement and how the CIA and FBI are operating so separately in the same space. It was perhaps made overly complicated.There is a secondary relationship developed through the book between Rex, the navy Commanding Officer and Sawyer. It would have been good to see more of how this relationship evolved.The emotional elements of the story were handled well and sex scenes are a standout.Continuity - only a small thing but book 3 featured Glen, who had lost his Dom, named John, after 5 years together. This relationship is mentioned in this book but the Dom is referred to as James.