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Sticks & Stones  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux, Ray Romano, Sawyer Allerde Re-read via audio editionEverything about this book is wonderful from the story to the characters (including Deuce, Mara & Earl) and most importantly, Ty and Zane. I love how Ty honestly faces his feelings There is something special about Ty falling in love! "I like being able to wake up to you. I like knowing you'll be there if I need you," he continued, obviously uncomfortable with what he was saying but refusing to be deterred now that he'd begun. "I like being with you, Zane. And I'd like to keep that up now that you're here," he admittedly shakily. He met Zane's eyes determinedly. "I want you."In terms of the audio version, I did enjoy it and there were times I could continue with the book when I usually would have stopped reading, however personally I think I prefer the more traditional method of reading the book. That being said, the narrator was excellent and the pace was good. The biggest negative was how long it was (over 8 hours) but this may suit a slow reader. 4 stars for the audio version but 5 stars for the kindle edition