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Fall Down the Mountain: The Mountains Series, Book 3 - P.D. Singer The story line continues from the previous book [b:Snow on the Mountain|15787756|Snow on the Mountain (Mountain, #2)|P.D. Singer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344173858s/15787756.jpg|7390277] , as Mark deals with the fall out from the avalanche. Although Kurt and Jake (the key characters from the first 2 books in the series) make an appearance in this book ( the way Kurt and Jake comfort Mark by taking him to their bed and giving him a hand job just didn't seem like a natural thing these guys would do and was a bit strange and perhaps unnecessary ) the story focuses on a new relationship that develops between Mark and Allen.Mark works on ski patrol and is having nightmares related to finding Ulf's dead body in the snow. He feels lonely and wants someone special in his life. Allen owns a catering business, delivering meals to tourists and locals and lives in the same apartment block. For some reason, perhaps related to Mark's earlier crush on Jake, his attraction to Allen seemed forced, almost like he was taking the first guy to come along who showed any interest.However there was some elements of their relationship that were handled very honestly. I like the realism in Allen's reaction to Mark's over-protectiveness (to the point of smothering) and his open response to Mark's early declarations of his feelings. Allen doesn't want to rush into a relationship that started in difficult circumstances. He wants them to take the time to get to know each other in normal times.The action takes place on the slopes, in the courthouse, in the kitchen and in the bed as the plot covers both the development of Mark and Allen's relationship with the formal investigation into Ulf's death.