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Campus Cravings: Side-Lined - Carol Lynne This was a strange one for me! I'm will probably read one more book before deciding whether to end the series.The fact that the lead characters were a teacher and a student, didn't sit easily with me, but it was the dominant/submissive nature of the relationship that I was most uncomfortable with. It just didn't seem natural, the way Alec's dominance extended beyond the bedroom and how easily Max accepted it. There wasn't enough background or buildup to explain why they would fall into this relationship so quickly. I don't think it was the response the author was after but this book made me laugh. I felt a desire to giggle every time I read about the 'twitch in his jeans' or when Alec wanted to be the 'Babas' (daddy in Greek) and spoke about himself in the third person, exactly like you would to a toddler. "Be a good baby and get Babas a cup of coffee." It just wasn't believable.