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Return to the Mountain - P.D. Singer I found this book very different to the earlier books in the series. The formula was slightly different and not what I was expecting. This story didn't have the same sweetness as the other books with a tougher storyline. This marked difference impacted my enjoyment slightly.There is a strong storyline about the true value of love and the potential evils of material wealth as Gary learns some strong lessons when things go horribly wrong for him.Gary and Seth have loved each since high school. Seth is a relatively simple man who only needs love to keep him happy. As long as he has Gary and a home, he doesn't need anything else. Gary has had a tough upbringing and wants to give Seth the finer things in life and this leads him astray."I want you to have the good stuff, not just see others enjoy it. So we need to get rich.""You love me. That makes me feel pretty rich." Pulling Gary forward let Seth press his lips against Gary's forehead, a touch Gary'd been afraid was a thing of the past.The story is set partly in the mountains and partly in New York in the finance world. Gary and Seth spend a significant amount of time apart. This time in NY and the time apart are what let down the book for me. I wanted the two main characters to be together and for Gary not to betray Seth's trust in the way he did.3.5 stars