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A Family Found - Nicole Dennis This book was quite enjoyable but a number of factors meant it wasn't totally great. The storyline had great potential but the way it was written was highly unbelievable. I loved the idea of the biological father having a relationship with the adopted father and raising their son together. However I couldn't believe in the love betweeen Dimitri and Mason. Mason seemed so formal in his manner and conversation and making him a millionaire was just so unnecessary. I think I would have preferred it to be a love story between two regular people. I mean, how did Dimitri's sister even meet and have a one night stand with a drunk and gay millionaire anyway? I also found the way Dimitri spoke to his son a bit annoying (not too sure why) and got sick of them saying entaksi and was totally annoyed by the overuse of the "robin's egg blue" when describing eyes - twice on the same page is too much. I am probably being a bit too picky but found these things noticable enough to slightly dampen my enjoyment. Still a three star read.