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Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane "I am a murderer and a thief, but if Sonny still wants me, I will call myself a good man." From the first paragraph, you know this book will be a little bit different.Sonny and Ace meet in the military. Sonny triggers a hugely protective urge in Ace and Ace looks after Sonny, protecting him from less honourable officers. Then a certain event creates a secret that binds them. When Ace is discharged his one focus is to make Sonny's dream come true.Although the men obviously have deep feelings for each other, the acknowledgement between them and the development into something more than friendship is slow to build. There is no rush into a physical relationship.There was a sense of impending doom throughout this book, lending a certain tenseness as I was waiting for something bad to happen. I think it is wonderful for a book to elicit emotions but for some reason I found it difficult to really relax into enjoying this book as a 5 star read, thus a slightly lower rating.This is a powerful story about overcoming dark pasts. It is about protectiveness, family, love and dreams.