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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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One Night - Rj Scott This was a enjoyable story: well-to-do corporate lawyer, single dad, winemaker, vineyards, meddling (in a good way) siblings, cute kid, finding life's true purpose, happy ending!Liam and Micah meet at a conference and there is instant attraction. They spend some time, a meal and one night together. I didn't particularly like Liam's response to Micah sexually demanding force and to be taken hard and he is obviously very uncomfortable with his own sexuality."All Liam knew at the very end of it, sated and finally sleepy again, he wanted more, even though with Micah's clear need for gentleness and affection, the other man's gay was clearly as broken and inappropriate as his".Micah doesn't want casual and short term. He has a secure home, life as a winemaker and a loving family. Liam is looking to build a family for his daughter. Liam doesn't believe that a real relationship is possible with a man."Could it be possible that it didn't have to be just sex between two men, that there was a man out there for him that could give him what he craved? Love, affection, and a family?"I enjoyed the gentle approach that Micah takes with Liam and the eventual sacrifice (maybe not quite the right word but he is giving up a lot of his past life) that Liam makes to follow his heart.