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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Bane of Boston - J.P. Barnaby This was a nice quick read, not particularly realistic to me, but that's ok, I am looking for a little escapism when reading these anyway!The two main characters meet and have a "one-afternoon-stand" (sort of like a one-night-stand). There is attraction between the characters with Jack/Jonathon being particularly interested in Ryan given he had been alone for so long and was longing for some human touch.Jonathan had caught a ball at a baseball match 3 years previously which resulted in his team losing the chance at the World Series and this had haunted him ever since. I do not know a thing about baseball but found the idea of fans holding a 3 year grudge plus his brother rejecting him, plus the extent of the reaction (leading to losing jobs, having to move, changing names etc) a little hard to accept. Obviously I don't understand sports fanatics! Nevertheless I had heaps of sympathy for Jonathan/Jack.Ryan has an ulterior motive for getting to know Jonathan. It seemed rather unrealistic that after one afternoon, he would have such feelings for Jack that he would sacrifice his big chance for career success. Particularly as the relationship hadn't even started and was going nowhere after Jack walked out. I took it on face value that Ryan must have been a man with strong emotions and also strong morals and values.A nice story with a happy-for-now ending and a bright future ahead for both Jack and Ryan!