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The King's Mate - Ashavan Doyon This was a 3.5 star read for me. I liked the story and was moving to really like it but my full enjoyment was prevented due some of the writing style. The use of half-finished sentences was totally overdone and frustrating to read. I just wanted the characters (primarily Justin) to spit it out and finish what they were saying!My thoughts concerning Justin were also mixed. He was a wonderful character - a lovely, thoughtful and romantic young man who has the courage to go after what he wants (when he can actually get the words out!). However the age difference between him and Russ gave me mixed feelings, particularly as Russ had been around to watch Justin grow up. I am not sure of Justin's exact age and have nothing against a relationship with an older man, particularly a man like Russ. I think what raised a few flags for me was the concern Sam's father kept expressing about the relationship. He was concerned about his son who had been hurt in the past (not sure of the details of what happened but it must have been pretty intense). However it wasn't this concern that was the problem, it was the way he spoke to Justin and interfered in the relationship, treating him like a child, which made him seem one in my eyes.