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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Diving In - Bru Baker This is a fun short story with a very interesting play on the hetero porno scene and pool boys!The pool boy is Max, who actually owns the pool servicing company. As the boss he is entitled to the perks and his perk is to watch the water polo team, one player in particular, practising.Everett is the son of the man who owns the pool. His father runs a company producing porn so the pool is always surrounded by half-naked women. Everett is on the water polo team which use his dad's pool for practice.Max is eyeing Everett and of course, Everett has been secretly crushing back. Cute story! It was quite funny to see the boys trying to avoid the girls at a pool party "Maybe if we stand by a wall? It's a more defensible position. That way they can't keep sneaking up behind us."3.5 stars