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Running Away From Sunshine - Gwynn Marssen Overall I enjoyed this story of Jake who had been living in a world of grief for six years. It was lovely to see Gabriel start to break down his barriers and make him see that he needed to get on with living.What I really wanted in this story story was a nice happy ending, not the outstanding issues with Gabriel where his ice hockey career determines his ability to come out. The last paragraph was also disappointing - I could accept the HFN scenario but hated that Jake was going to visit his family without Gabriel because "But as they had agreed every time before, as long as it felt wrong, a betrayal to the memory of Sean, a betrayal to Sean's family, who Jake would spend some time with, Gabriel should stay put, and Jake should go and conquer his demons on his own." It had been years, surely it wouldn't have been betrayal, particularly if his love for Gabriel was strong enough!