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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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Finding Elliot - Serena Yates I enjoyed this story which tells the tale of David finding Elliot. David and Elliot were in love as teenagers but separated when Elliot's father catches them kissing and moves Elliot away. Years later, David decides to find the man that he has never stopped loving. He is looking for answers and closure.I found Elliot a little hard to warm to. I thought him cowardly and his explanations for the separation didn't seem to justify his actions. It is only further into the story that his behaviour becomes better understood and more acceptable.The only element of the the book that I didn't really like was the level of power wielded by Elliot's father. The break and enter with the team of security guards while Elliot and David were in bed seemed a bit overdone and had a lack of realism.On a side note, usually you get a bit into a book before encountering the first sex scene. Not in this book! This one launches straight in and the first line is David coming! No build up here!3.5 stars