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Press START to Play - Briana Lawrence This short story was a nice quick read although it did have a couple of shortcomings for me. Nothing to prevent reading the story, just some small annoyances.I thought the stereotypes were done well, not just the range of people at the gaming convention, but Lukis as stereotypical sports jock putting down gaming. The description of the gaming world could have been a bit too much but luckily pulled back just in time before it got boring. I also loved the character of Aaron. The way he brought Lukis down a peg or two was wonderful. I could even overlook the highly unlikely scenario that Aaron was the man that Lukis was supposed to interview.I had two main concerns with this story: it was written in the present tense which I am not a big fan of plus I found the language conventions annoying. I got sick of both characters dropping all their g's and using words such as 'ya' and 'gonna'. Maybe this was representative of how they speak where the characters come from but it grated.