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Kieran & Drew

Kieran & Drew - L.A. Gilbert The characters made this book a wonderful read. Keiran was so lonely and painfully isolated at school, ridiculed and viewed as a 'freak' because he was different to his peers. Drew, outwardly the popular baseball player, was dealing with the pressures of having to look after his agoraphobic mother. Both boys are finishing high school and planning their next steps. Drew is trapped in his home town, not able to leave his mother. Keiran, on the other hand, can't wait to escape and has plans to move as far away as possible.Keiran and Drew commence a relationship which culminates in having to make decisions about their future. The story is slightly predictable, as Drew hides his sexuality and Keiran experiences problems with his father, but so well written.I liked the slow build up of the sexual aspects of the relationship. Aged 18, Keiran is desperate for a physical relationship "If the small-town lifestyle wasn't enough to make him want to leave, then a desperate urge to have actual sex with another human being was." However, the sex between Keiran and Drew is entwined with the emotion, as they both slowly start to explore the physical side of their relationship.4.5 stars