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Nic Starr lives in Australia where she tries to squeeze as much into her busy life as possible. Balancing the demands of a corporate career with raising a family and writing can be challenging but she wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Always a reader, the lure of m/m romance was strong and she devoured hundreds of wonderful m/m romance books before eventually realising she had some stories of her own that needed to be told!

When not writing or reading, she loves to spend time with her family–an understanding husband and two beautiful daughters–and is often found indulging in her love of cooking and planning her dream home in the country.

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My Cowboy Heart

My Cowboy Heart - Z.A. Maxfield This is a beautiful romance that shows what love and family are all about. It is heartwarming and tender with some emotionally charged moments.Malloy had a very sad upbringing with a drug addicted mother who was always looking for the next man or the next fix. He largely had to fend for himself until Crandall Jenkins and his wife Emma took him in. They provided him with a job and a home on their ranch but most importantly a place in their family. Malloy's life largely revolves around the Jenkin's family, his role as foreman of the ranch and his need to earn Crandall Jenkin's love and respect.Crispin has been through a terrible trauma and still bears the scars of his experience. Mr Jenkins offers him a place on the ranch and asks Malloy to keep an eye on the openly gay Crispin. This is the turning point in his life as Malloy's eyes are finally opened to the true man he is inside.The scenes where Malloy first admits his feelings for another man are wonderfully done, with Malloy first facing the loss of his dream "I wasn't like Crandall Jenkins, and I'd never find an Emma. I'd never have what they had between them - not the home, not the kids, not the legacy, nor the love, nor the comfort of a lifelong partnership." but then realising this wasn't the end "It had only been moments since I'd thought about everything I'd lost, but now...now I could see what I'd gained."Crispin is truly a strong and inspiring man. He sees so much of the truth in people and I really warmed to his character. It was easy to see why Malloy felt so passionately about the man. I enjoyed the build of the relationship and the very emotional connection they had as well as the extremely passionate sex.The story follows the romance but also has a strong focus on family as Crandall gets sick and the family need to deal with the ramifications. We also get some insight into the other ranch hands, Eddie and Jim who have their own issues. (I can't wait to read their story in [b:My Heartache Cowboy|18338605|My Heartache Cowboy|Z.A. Maxfield|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1376945991s/18338605.jpg|25891043] which is due Jan 2014). I guess Malloy's doctor had it right when he said "Are you living on a ranch or a telenovela?"A lovely balance of deep emotional issues with moments of love and happiness! 4.5 starsI now publish all my m/m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m/m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One!