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Outlast the Night: Lang Downs Series, Book 3

Outlast the Night - Ariel Tachna I feel I am going really against the grain here as I have seen mainly really positive reviews about this book, the third in the series. I actually found it my least favourite of the series. Once again I liked the characters but didn't get any satisfaction on the romance front. Too slow and not enough sex. I know in past books I have commented that I don't like how the author has written the sex scenes (they seem forced and unnatural and lacking true passion) but I have decided in the case of this series that any sex is better than no sex!As with the previous two books, we have a main character from the city (Sam) and one from the country (Jeremy). Sam is battling a witch of an ex-wife as he goes through a divorce. His wife has beaten his spirit with the result that he has no confidence and little self-esteem. Jeremy is the brother of the homophobe who owns the neighbouring sheep station and has been kicked out of his home and taken in at Lang Downs.There are some very obvious metaphors in the book - Macklin's horse Ned was a rescued Brumby and not easily ridden. "We helped him heal, and we let him come to us, and once he did, we taught him what kindness meant."Due to Sam's pending divorce, and his fear that his ex-wife may find out and hold it against him, he and Jeremy agree to wait 6 months until the divorce is final before starting a physical relationship. This may be sensible but also seems highly unlikely! It also meant that by 80% in the book they had only kissed once!I also wanted Sam to show a bit more growth throughout the course of the story. Towards the end of the story he still appears quite immature "I know," Sam said, "but I kind of like the idea of sleeping with you. Next to you, I mean!" He flushed bright red. You would think a grown man would laugh or make a joke of the slip up but not blush (although as you can tell from my previous comments, I would have preferred they just got on with it!)2 stars as I am only giving it an ok