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Grand Slam

Grand Slam - J.T. Cheyanne I really enjoyed this story where "Somehow, the geek had gotten the jock." I have a soft spot for books about athletes and celebrities so this hit all the right buttons.This story was a bit unique in that Spencer was an openly gay baseball player and was accepted by his coach and team. Apart from the new guy who joins the team and causes trouble.. The story wasn't the typical story of a jock trying to hide his sexuality. Rather it focused on sexual harassment and deceit within the sport, abuse and family.The inclusion of the children (Brock's niece and nephew) and Brock's own desire to have a family was wonderful. However I am not sure the 'voice' of the children was captured correctly. There was a lack of consistency in the language used by the youngest who slipped between bad grammar and use of some adult phrases. The 4 year old also made reference to "He doesn't make you upset like that bad Nolan did." , referring to a relationship Brock had had a couple of years before. If I read correctly she would have only been 2 years old and not remember it even if she understood that relationship.Regardless of this small issue, the story got big ticks for dramatic events, misunderstandings and depth of feeling. Loved it when Spencer realised Brock was more important than baseball. "He didn't want to think about baseball. His first love since grade school jeopardized a budding new love. One that threatened to be as powerful, if not more so, than the first."