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I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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The Best

The Best - Tinnean A pleasant read that did not fully live up to my expectations. The first half of this book had lots of potential but did not follow through. The characters started out interestingly enough and the idea of both men being hurt on Valentine's Day was good, with this day appearing again at the end (although a bit predictable). However some elements seemed a bit irrelevant to the story (such as all the details about Ransom's dad's health issues) and I would have preferred to see Ransom and Parrish spend more time together. When Ran offered Parrish a contract i.e. money to be with him and Ran accepted I felt this weakened both characters as I lost some respect for them for making such an arrangement. Even though Parrish had every intention of paying the money back, Ran didn't know this. In true romance fashion, I would have liked to see the formal arrangement dissolved as they acknowledged their love for one another