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Because Two Men Are Better Than One!

I love to read about boys who love boys because two men are always better than one!

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One True Thing
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Kol Anderson
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Jason Huffman-Black, S.A. McAuley, T.J. Klune, Abigail Roux, Eric Arvin, SJD Peterson
Man, Oh Man! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks & Cash
Josh Lanyon
Artistic Appeal (Bottled Up, #6)
Andrew Grey

Frat House Troopers

Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne Started off with a bit if a silly plot, undercover into an online porn frat house, selecting Ethan just because he looked young regardless of the fact that he had never even viewed gay porn or had any idea what it was about. He was also a State Trooper who had no idea where the local gay area of town was! Was also a bit silly that Donnelly, who had a gay brother and gay close friends, was freaked out by that actual concept of gay sex to the point of not being able to watch it but suddenly finds himself actively participating. Also very quick to move from friends to being in love. Regardless it was still a fun light read with some cute characters and amusing lines.